Classroom Art Center Station Organization

This is how my classroom is organized into art center-based learning stations.

This is the Drawing Center. It offers the students the use of pencils, colored pencils, black markers, colored markers, ink pens, oil pastels, crayons and erasers.

This is the Mixed Media Center. It offers students the opportunity to use watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, scissors, rulers, glue, tape, magazine images and an assortment of mixed media materials.

This is the Painting Center. This center offers tempra paint, paint brushes of many different sizes and paint palettes for the students to use to paint with.

This is the Fibers Center. This center offers an assortment of different sewing materials such as yarn, needles, tapestries, lace, beads, and many different fiber related materials.

This is the Reference Center. It offers many different references on how to draw certain animals, objects or things.

The Graphic Design center offers the students the opportunity to use technology to create art or to aid in creating art.

The Art Library and How to Draw Books Center offers the students the opportunity to collaborate with reading about art or using books to help them in their art making process.

The Control Center is an area in the classroom that a student can use to relax for a few minutes so that they may be in the best condition to create responsibly and respectfully.

The Gratitude Center is an area that the students can use to communicate who or what they are grateful for in their fourty minute art class. They put their message on a sticky note and stick the note to the poster and the teacher reads them aloud at the end of class.